System of discounts

In our online store acts very convenient system of discounts. What would participate in it, you must Create an account. Making any purchase from our online store specialized graphics you get bonus points for up to 10% off your purchase! For bonus points you can shop as if it were ordinary money. The number of bonus points issued on the acquisition of goods, you can see the item card, over the cost of the goods. 
If you have accumulated a certain number of bonus points, you can pay them as partially or completely goods. Cheating points made during the ordering process, if you have expressed your desire. The number of points for the full payment of the goods you can see just below the value of the goods. 
Also, we have come Promotions and special deals
You can always talk to the manager and possibly get a discount. In this case, you must show what or arguments as to why the discount you have to get it. 
For our part, we always try to go to meet each customer and do not leave without attention to any one person!
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