Any graphics from our shop - absolutely free!
How to get any item from our store, or vector drawing FREE?
It's easy! You only need to write a beautiful description of any product from our catalog.
How to do it? Select any item except for directories favorite picture, vector pattern, etc.
And write ... that shows, how much it can be applied, be sure to in the text, not at the beginning specify the name of the product, can be up to 3 times ..
The volume of one description to be 2,000 characters without spaces and punctuation, text dozhen be literate, with normal styling, not "taken from the Internet" (carefully checked by special tools).
 2000 characters. EXAMPLE to estimate:
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam eros massa, porta id ipsum a, rutrum faucibus elit. Vivamus risus orci, dapibus eget sem nec, dictum ultrices felis. Nunc magna erat, vehicula eget lacinia vitae, interdum rutrum erat. Proin in nisl non magna condimentum suscipit sollicitudin vel quam. Integer et lectus id ipsum sollicitudin blandit. Maecenas a placerat orci. Cras magna dolor, condimentum ut diam in, ornare vulputate ligula. Morbi aliquam dictum lectus, quis congue libero euismod ut. Aliquam at ipsum bibendum, varius sem id, volutpat tellus.
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Vivamus consectetur ultricies diam, non accumsan sapien rhoncus ut. Praesent id neque non sem aliquet cursus at id neque. Nunc vel aliquam nibh. Ut id lectus at lectus cursus sollicitudin feugiat eget mi. Sed cursus iaculis libero, nec pharetra nulla gravida non. Phasellus nisi lacus, laoreet a dolor at, tempor viverra lectus. Etiam dapibus, velit condimentum adipiscing placerat, metus magna auctor nisi, ut laoreet magna est ut lorem. Quisque a semper enim. Sed malesuada neque ut nulla dapibus tincidunt. Integer at massa sed dui aliquet vulputate. Proin non elit lorem.
Ut consequat at eros quis fringilla. Integer tincidunt, nunc quis varius varius, libero purus vestibulum felis, in placerat massa velit sollicitudin turpis. Etiam erat massa, consectetur sit amet consequat pharetra, sollicitudin non mauris posuere.
Ready to send us the text of the e-mail Specify your details, name with which you registered on the system. After checking the text of a manager, you will be charged for the text of funds to an account in your account. After that, you can make purchases without making payment.
The rate at which money is accrued and charged $ 0.5 per 1000 characters without spaces. Rounding up to 1000 characters. For example, the text in the range of 1950 - 2500 characters would amount to 2,000 characters. Ie for any description you receive on your account of $ 1. Depending on what product you need, you can write as many many articles. At your request, we can deliver in the end of the description shows "Text sent by (your name)"


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